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Bainbridge Investments

We believe sound investment strategies begin with great vision—one that connects opportunities to results.
We do this by linking traditional foundations to innovative solutions for the future. We offer a wide range of opportunities, products, and services across a variety of asset classes and strategies with one goal in mind: to help our clients achieve sustainable capital growth.


To achieve this goal, we’ve created a spectrum of diverse solutions including a series of real estate opportunities, publicly available equities, and unique private equity investments, all under the supervision of our proven management. We know that today’s market requires the highest level of experience to achieve strong, consistent, risk adjusted returns.


At Bainbridge Investments, we take pride in the fact that we have consistently out-performed the market. With a successful track record spanning multiple decades, clients put their trust in us to deliver results.

Real Estate

Our Institutional Real Estate Platform was built on our unparalleled operational expertise across diverse funds, each of which is led by a management team with a wealth of experience and a proven history of success.


We strive to maximize returns through a number of investment strategies, including select investing in functionally obsolete assets which we believe can be made highly functional. Our team’s objective is to escalate long-term capital appreciation and income through investment in value-added, distressed, and core plus opportunities.


Additionally, it is our team’s goal to make high quality, investments that offer stable projected cash flow at high going-in yields and to enhance returns through select investments in underperforming assets where extensive operating platforms can be leveraged to enhance value.

Liquid Assets

We believe smart investment strategies for liquid assets begin with keen insight—the kind of insight that links objectives with results.


Our growth strategy identifies long-wave expansion in the world economy, and then sources the very best positioned, managed, and capitalized corporate entities that exemplify these qualities. Our sole mission is to help all our clients achieve capital growth and sustain capital preservation through investment in liquid assets.

Private Equity

A leading global manager and advisor of alternative assets, Bainbridge Investments is comprised of investment funds that focus on international leveraged buyouts, structured equity investments, mezzanine investments, real estate investments, venture capital, growth capital investments, and investments in other private equity funds.


Our private equity team is well positioned to acquire and manage assets on behalf of our investors, at very attractive values. We pride ourselves on our commitment to maintaining our investors’ best interests in mind at all stages of the process.


We are so aligned with our investors and sub-managers that we only profit after our limited partners profit. By making sure that all of these incentives are aligned, we ensure that everyone is working toward a shared vision and a common goal.

Our History

Bainbridge was established in 1975 as the extension of many MIT Professor’s lives’ work. Founded by Professor Bolton Bainbridge Miller in 1975, as a publishing and consulting arm for his research and analysis, Bainbridge went on to be comprised of independent consultants, executives, and professors of business and economics from The Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Sloan School of Management. This included corporate attorneys, investment bankers, and management consultants who came together to provide higher value, results-oriented advisory and investment services. The intent was to focus on client results through a unique, fact-based methodology and to hire only the highest-caliber specialists in the world.


In 2008, the Zurich Insurance co-owned real estate company ZKS merged its parking investment group with Bainbridge Capital to form BainbridgeZKS — an institutional real estate investment company led by some of the United States’ leading real estate investment managers.


By 2010, Bainbridge expanded from traditional management consulting to also include an investment banking firm and a direct private equity investments company called Bainbridge Investments. Bainbridge has since worked with the top Global Multinational Corporations, Private Equity firms, Pensions, Endowments, and Family Offices


In order to maximize yields while minimizing risks, we utilize our proven management expertise to identify strong opportunities that provide our investors strong returns.

Bainbridge Investments

Nick Chini

Strategic Planning Lead, New Acquisitions, Underwriting and Due Diligence and Limited Partner financing for institutions, endowments and
family offices.


Frank Suryan

CEO of Lyon Capital Ventures, Lyon Management Group and Lyon Realty Advisors. Multi Family Assets and Management Services


Rick Stephens

Asset Management, property management and redevelopment of office, industrial, R&D, flex, retail, land and public works projects.

Bainbridge Investments

Bill Smith

Development of management services, project feasibility, master Planning, Design, construction, cost management scheduling, occupancy and
project closeout.

Bainbridge 5 Stone

Doug Lawrence

Real Estate Operations and Asset Manager that focuses on retrofits and utilizing green technology

Bainbridge 5 Stone

Lewis Jones

Real Estate Operations and Asset Manager that focuses on retrofits and utilizing green technology

Bainbridge Hershiser

Orel Hershiser

Strategic Planning, Business development and Short term lending on commercial property and public figure.

Bainbridge PPH

Michael Gallegos

CEO of Pacific Pearl Hotels, One of the largest independent hotel companies that acquire and operate hotel and resorts in Spain, Mexico and the United States.

Bainbridge Investments

Carlos Arias

Strategic Leadership, Business development with a specialization in supply chain optimization, reengineering and implementation.

Bainbridge Investments

Felipe Carizossa

Development, Latin America, infrastructure and commercial, construction, corporate governance, global finance and commerce.

  • Asset Type Success
    • Industrial
    • Office / Commercial
    • Off Airport Parking
    • Multi-family
    • Land
    • Mixed use
    • Hospitality
    • Agricultural
    • Oil and Gas
    • Port and Intermodal

  • Property Management
    • Leasing Services
    • Construction Supervision
    • Financial Management
    • Monthly Reporting
    • Argus Financial Modeling
    • Day to Day Operations
    • Risk Management
    • Tenant Satisfaction

  • Asset Management
    • Acquisition Services
    • Property Management Supervision
    • Construction Project Management
    • Financial Management
    • Leasing Services
    • Financial Analysis
    • Value Enhancement
    • Disposition Services
    • Custom Reporting

  • Development Services
    • Acquisition Analysis
    • Design Development
    • Public Processing
    • Land Entitlement
    • Constriction Project Management
    • Financial Management
    • Loan Draw Requests
    • Market Feasibility
    • Master Planning

Portfolio Spotlight

Below are some of our recent examples of projects that Bainbridge Investments has been involved in.

Development- Bainbridge Development Consulting
In Bainbridge Development Consulting

Liberty Place, Philadelphia

Bainbridge Lyon Capital Investment
In Bainbridge Lyon Capital Investment

1900 Ocean, Long Beach

In Bainbridge Lyon Capital Investment

The Market, Santa Ana

In Bainbridge ZKS Capital Investment

Park One, LAX

In Bainbridge ZKS Capital Investment

Seagram Building, New York City

In Bainbridge Development Consulting

City Center, Las Vegas

In Bainbridge ZKS Capital Investment

180 Montgomery, San Francisco

In Bainbridge Lyon Capital Investment

St. Claire, Santa Maria